The Story 

A tale of

two families.

The story of the Prescott-Foley House is a story of love, a story of family, a story of wishes granted, of dreams fulfilled and of full circle moments.


My name is Sabrina. Technically, I am the owner of this magical and memorable home, but I don’t really see it as being “mine”. The Prescott-Foley House belongs to the community of Salina.


It is a centerpiece in the town I have come to know and love, the place my soul mate grew up, the place his family still resides. We plan to restore it to its original glory so that it may be enjoyed by future generations the way both the Prescott and the Foley families enjoyed it for over 100 years.


The halls will once again be filled with laughter, the tables filled with food, the gardens over-flowing with Martha’s flowers. We invite you to follow along on our journey, as we turn this house back in to a home.

211 West Prescott Avenue
Salina, KS 67401

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